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Types of Russian dating scams and non-scammers

Honestly I didn’t want to raise this issue, but the fact is that everyone who has ever tried to date with Russian woman encountered Russian dating scams. They are everywhere! Russian dating world can cause paranoia in some people, however if you really want to date with Russian woman you should develop some features and here I mean not only skepticism or cynicism.
If you search your significant other among Russian women you will definitely face Russian dating scams. Still you are likely to avoid this nuisance just you need wisely combine your carefulness with our recommendations.
It is a bit difficult task to classify all scammers in the Russian dating world so here we’ve tried to gather the most common types of scams you can encounter on the web.
It is worth mentioning that practically every dating agency or site will demonstrate you their 
persuasive antiscam tendency. To prove this they will refer to a certain antiscam network or introduce themselves as a part of some sort of antiscam programme.
The given information can be justified or just appear to be fiction - the case is that there is no reason to show such a strict policy against dating scams. Such agencies don’t need to describe these scammers, because you can learn all information on your own here.
Sometimes scam agencies act cunningly and make their own antiscam website or network. At the same time they surely don’t represent themselves as the owners of such antiscam organization.
But now let us consider the general types of the scams.

Email as the most common scams’ trick.
In case if you are the member of a dating site where you can directly deal with the users and you left your e-mail address for communicating with women you have found on the site you will undoubtedly receive e-mails from scammers. In this instance you run a risk to correspond with so-called nonexistent woman. Usually these “girls” (the male scams on the other side of the screen) will send you stunning pictures which actually were stolen from the other real women. They often use such pictures for the online-profile and when a man likes a “girl” and starts the conversation with her both online or with e-mails she will definitely ask him for financial assistance, because something “urgent” has happened.
This is the most common type of Russian dating scams and here it’s not difficult to get the length of scammer’s foot.

Scams and marriage agencies.
If you want to find Russian woman and in this purpose you decided to use so-called marriage agency, as a result you can meet here anything but not real pretty girl. You are likely to face scams agency.
These “marriage agencies” can have different form and can use various schemes but the main goal here again is to eat your money. As a rule such agencies provide you with letter service where you can communicate with Russian women (“clients” of agency) and at the first blush everything seems to be decent. But the fact is that very often the agency uses these women and writes you letters on their behalf. Thus you correspond with the scammers not with the real girl.
Such agencies usually get big profits, because people believe that they are real and legitimate. However due to complete anonymity and far distance these scams’ organizations often go unpunished and as the result they continue cheating money out of men who will never actually meet the woman they correspond.

How to avoid the scammers.
You need to learn so much about numerous tricks of Russian dating scams. So the question is how to avoid them? First of all you should know types of scams and how their fraud scheme works, but it is not enough. You may also take into account our simple recommendation to be sure that you will not be cheated by scams. For example, you should use time-proved websites and shop there only if you can check your money.
You must control your finances, because all scammers’ actions are aimed to make money. So if you always check where you spent your money you will never be cheated.

Above I have already described some tricks of scams such as e-mails or marriage agencies. However sometimes men use the term “Scam” in free form particularly when he doesn’t get all he wants from a woman. For example, after a long correspondence with Russian woman a man decided to spend with her vacation somewhere in Europe or on the island. She gladly supports his idea, but she is not ready to start intimate relationships. In this case this man can feel like he was scammed.
Another example, a man gives to woman a lot of presents. She takes all these gifts but at the same time doesn’t satisfy his sexual needs. In this situation the man wants all gifts back and labels the woman a scammer.
Or sometimes a man corresponds with woman for a long time and after he invites her to come to the U.S., even pays her fiancée visa and marries her. And after the woman obtains her citizenship she decides to divorce. But all this time he considered her as his private sex slave and threated her brutally. In this case the man even must feel happy that she wants just to divorce. If he treated so an American woman then he could be already dead or could stay without his thingy.
So you shouldn’t think that if a woman doesn’t do what you expected from her she is a scammer. Term “Scam” means intentional fraud actions aimed to get your money.
There is one more type of scam which is in fact not real scam: "Green Card Scam" (or marriage scam). It is believed that many women from these agencies just want to get to the U.S. and do not really want to marry or find a partner. But it is only a myth. I don’t deny existing of Russian dating scams in this area but the cases of deception are few and far.
"Gold Digger" is another type of non-scammers. A lot of Russian women believe that all American men are very rich and can provide them with everything what they want. It is better to avoid such girls and here I mean not only Russian women – you can find “Gold diggers” in every country. Undoubtedly “Gold diggers” pursue unworthy goal but actually they can’t be labeled as Russian dating scams.
To understand why Russian women think in this way you must look at the political and cultural differences between Russia and USA. For example not many Russian women have their own car and must pay property or income tax. They have very different life style there and they don’t need to pay so much money as we pay here. Just imagine that 600-700$ a month can be very good salary for them. So when Russian woman learns that you earn 70000$ a year she thinks that you are incredibly rich and you can buy her gifts and go in vacation with her every month. And if you don’t act like this she is likely to think that you are real meanie. After all if you get 70000$ a year can’t you spend just 1000$ for flight?

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Psychology in Dating On Line; What Makes Us Date Online

Internet dating has appeared not so long ago. So, we can speak about it as a newly born trend, which took place in 21 century. Practically all of us have ever visited dating sites with the only one desire – to find love there. So, we all know what it is like. As Internet becomes more and more popular for everybody, Internet dating also develops. We can either just chat on line with someone or even create our own profile and it will be like a personal diary. So, here we are to explain the users, how does on line dating work and what it present for us.

So, why do people date on line? There are a lot of answers. First of all, Internet is a place, where you go to with hope to find somebody familiar to you. You can chat with people, whom you like and who appreciate you. While chatting you explore your inner world, you find some trait in you, which you have never explored in you in real life. It helps you to be who you are and it is very important. We hope that nobody will judge us there, nobody tells anything bad about you. This anonymousness helps people to open them to the others and to be yourself. These are the things, which we often can’t do in our real life. But think also about the negative side of on line dating – cheating. It is a real problem, how pity it would sound. You never know what kind of a person there is in front of the computer. Usually most people just exaggerate their qualities in order to create a good impression of them.

Usually people do this on purpose. And it is pleasantly to hear that there are still people, who do not do this.

There are many reasons, why do the relations in the net form. Sometimes married people find for someone abroad to fulfill their inner emotions, but mostly single people try to find those, who have same interests and viewpoints. The choice of people in the net is so wide that you can find any unique person as you wish. The surveys showed that the most interesting areas for those, who chat on line, are relations and sexual relations. In the Internet people are able to show more of them then in real life. They become more open to other people. More honest to each other, as they think nobody could see them and punish for their thoughts. If in the end of such communication a couple appears, their relations would usually be more strong and pleasant than all others. By the way, many people would like to meet person from other country, whom they chat with in the net.

Though internet relations are spreading, they have an effect on real relations and communication. As you understand, Internet relations are much easier to hide from people, whom you wouldn’t like to know about it. In virtual life all kinds of relations do exist, no matter if you are just friend or look for deep heart emotions. But according to the surveys, different Internet affairs and relations have a huge effect on existing relations, though many people may think that real affairs only have some effect. It happens so because no matter which an affair is, you pay much attention to this affair but forget about you ordinary daily problems and family.

Internet is also a huge surface for you to show your sexuality. Its popularity grows every day. Providers help users and provide them a lot of place for their fantasies. Also you may find a sexual partner there, share your sexual preferences and fantasies. In such a way they allow people to take different roles, what he or she desires. It’s like a game. You can change yourself whenever you wish. As to the outcomes of such experiments with our sexuality, there are negative and positive results. Sure, such experiments may play a good role for some people, but not for all. Also you will be able to see that on line sex has some frames and limitations. But nevertheless such sexual relations develop much faster than in reality. It happens so because good conditions are made by the Internet. People know beforehand about their partner and their goals. Unlike in real life you do not know what to expect. Here people wait for the same from each other. Also you never think of what people around would say. You are only with your partner and nobody bothers about you. You do what you want, and you want what you do.

This is also an important point of trust in the net. You know that you and him or her are totally anonymous and you can trust your partner and you will be sure that he or she has no sense to tell lies, so as you. In real life we know about the responsibilities before another person and you never know could you trust someone or not. Also as physical contact is not involved in the process while having experiments on line in the Internet, you feel totally safe and calm. Everything, of which you dreamd about, you can fulfil here. You can use all your sexuality and a lot of other means in order to get satisfaction and fulfillment from your partner on-line.

There were times long ago, when we couldn’t even imagine a possibility to have any relations with a person, whom you do not know and who is far from you. A long time passed since we thought of especially sexual relation on line. But the times have changed, people have changed and our way of life too. We think in another way now, the world develops and we develop too. Now on line dating and Internet relations are quiet normal and very popular among people of all ages. We all are from different countries, have different attitudes and different appearance. But Internet is a place, which gives us freedom, which we can’t find in our daily life. And this trend will only be developing more and more. We will never stop any more. This freedom allowes us to live a full life!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Ukrainian Dream of my friend

A couple of days ago I received an e-mail from a friend of mine. He wrote that a Ukrainian women Maria joined their company, so now they work together. She speaks English pefectly, she also knows French, and she is very beautiful... But she has a husband. He liked her a lot, but he has no chances. :(

She can cook tasty dishes, they had a BBQ with colleagues on weekend, and she brought some cakes, she named them with a funny word... «pirashki» or something like that.... and there was a filling of strawberries in them. Maria said that they have no strawberry in August or September in Ukraine.

And now, when he meets her every day at work, he understood what kind of woman it is, he wants to look for a ukrainian girl, but he is really afraid of being scammed.

He wrote that he also tried to find a girl on some dating site, how I did, but it seemed to be scam. Some girl wrote to him in a very unclear English that her mom is very ill and she needs money for treatment.. something like that. He asked me, what was the site where I found my wife from Ukraine? I told him about UaDreams full info and ladies...and gave him an advice to make uadreams review and a comparison.

Some people try to say that Uadreams scam. But now my friend also looks for a girlfriend there and does't want to give up, he wants to have a wife who will not think only about her career, but also about him... as his colleague from Ukraine thinks about her husband the whole time. And my friend is envious to her husband, guys!!!!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Online Dating Can Be Dangerous, But not With UaDreams

I am very familiar with the famous Ukrainian dating site And I must assure you that uadreams is not a scam agency. I have surfed in internet and ran into several articles with wrong accusations. 

There are many dating sites that are scammers, but you must be careful. First of all, you should check if the lady is real. If the web site does not provide any live chats or does not allow at least to buy any contact information, it is already suspicious. Live chat is the best way to prove that you communicate with a real person. Use your uadreams login to chat with the lady you like!

Secondly, never ever give your personal details to the person, you just met online. They might just need your email to get access to your computer and to steal some valuable information. Never send money to someone you never met in real life. Uadreams follows an antiscam program that forbids to exchange any personal information before the 1st meeting.

Folks, if I come up with some more ideas, I will write them in my following review. I just wanna say that UaDreams is the agency to be trusted, I have my own experience. Visit the site yourself and read uadreams testimonials. They will wipe away your fear and will inspire you to find your Ukrainian bride.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Find your future wife on site - love is here. Review start...

I want to write here about my love story. I know how difficult is it for many of us to find wives, so I want to give some advice. The most usual and widespread way of meetings is Internet. But be afraid of scamming - it's rather often and you will be just disappointed. You can't recognize scams from the very beginning, so I want to advice my variant, as I found the site, which is far from the term scam.

So, first you need to register here and upload your photo. Then visit gallery of girls and choose there those, whom you most appreciate. The list of girls is not also scam, all the girls are real and rather pleasant. Then write to the girls you liked and wait for the answer. If the answer doesn't come - don't be afraid, it's not a scam. Maybe the girls just didn't like. Just go further. Then you may proceed to communicate in video chat and, if everything is good, meet. In further future after several meetings you'll be sure whether you found the only one girl for you or not.

A huge advantage is that the agency provides tours to the Ukraine. There you meet girls and chat with them. The site provides uadreams fullinfo and professional help. Everything there is available and everyone will help you if needed. I've met my wife here and I'm very happy thanks to the site. So, here you may forget about scams and concentrate on your private life.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

My review on how to look for bride On-line

I can give recommendations on how to look for bride on dating sites. I have spent around 3 years on finding my wife in Internet. I have met 2 ladies in person. I even wanted to marry, but I no longer doing it as I am already married, married on the lady, whom I found on web-site.  I want you to know, that perception of uadreams being a scam is not true and this fake was made up by competitors, don't know why maybe jealousy, or malice of the fact that uadreams is good agency with nice service, that fulfills expectations of thousands of couples. The agency is no scam. You can check full info about uadreams and make sure by yourselves!
ADVICES of HOW to FIND the bride in Ukraine! I have found my love with help of uadreams. This is my wish to you!
1.  How to chose the web-site? Forget about Russian ones straight away. This are the places where all the cheats hide. It is better to find web-sites, where you need to pay money for the services. They are more reliable. It is better to spend less now, than more later.
2. Getting in touch. Start from correspondence, do not shelve the web-cam chats for too long. Time, when you lady is ready to meet on-line, can tell you a lot. If you are interested in each other - communication through web-cam is the best way to take your relationship to the next stage.
3. Send pictures only when you have met on-line, live in video chat. Only when you make sure that the girl is real and she likes you as well.  Let her see you through web-cam first. You should know that there are some creepy people in Internet who collect different pictures and use them in strange ways.
4. If you have encountered with a lovely girl, you need to understand, that she might think that you are a scammer and 'beggar'. Try to exchange with questions that bother you, this is normal, don't be shy. By all means, do not take for granted what she says, no matter how dreamy they are, also you shouldn't be too 'sugary' with your words and promises.
5. The meet. If your communication goes well, the time to meet in person comes. Do not postpone your first date. Try to be initiative - organise the trip to see her. By making this step you will show that you are financially secured and you are not a scammer and her reaction ( her consent, for example) will make you confident, your minion of fortune does not need any 'virtual' love.
6. For future, when you decide to take your fiancee abroad, make the research as to immigration laws of your country. In some countries, if there is an age difference of more than 10 years, the Immigration Service may think that the marriage is sham, and may decline to grant entry permission for the lady.
7. It is better to organise the meet in her country. You will see how and what she lives on, and after all to make sure as to your choice.
8.  How to host the bride. So you have chosen the your Only One, but it is too early to celebrate. Do not invite her to your home straight away, it will be better to stay at the hotel and then move to the house. Be careful! Check all your valuable things from time to time.
9. Sex. Of course, not straight after you have met! Just imagine what the girl will think, that you are not serious. It is better to discuss later.
To be exact, behave as if you are on the mine field, you need to be very careful!
Good luck to all!

Friday, December 21, 2012

The way I've been searching for my love in Ukraine. creates a good fortune with no scam. My own review

As I was telling you before, I found my wife by dating agency Yes, of course, I used to bump my head as many others keeping hanging with dating agencies. And tried without any trust to start any relations (but at least hoped) with ukrainian ladies on dating websites. In my head I had thoughts "no scam, please...". But ukrainian wife — that was my dream. That became true. And a marvelous one! I run through the Internet, made review of one of the websites cought my attention — that was ua dreams. I registered, for free by the way — that was very pleasant. A lot of information about fraud point came into my notice. The whole section was devoted to frequent asked questions. People used to ask them as well as I do. UA-dreams describes the typical situations with dating fraudsters in details. Gives recommendations how to avoid gettting scammed. And. At least, gives a support for clients who suffered from scams. I advise you make a review to be sure.
As for me that changed my attitude towards this agency so I decided to keep my membership.
As not every dating agency is able to speak about this overtly and support. And, of course, there are a lot of the most beautiful (with high quality) photos of ukrainian ladies.
Usually such dating websites with spammers and scams offer photos with ugly common pictures that impressed me much. Moreover, in UA-dreams investigates this question carefully. They offer professional photoshooting for ladies. I reviewed a lot of girls' fullinfo with photo. You can find a lot of information about this option here («How we take ladies' photos» section) or wartch this video:
Well, having filled a simple form I started searching for my precious Love. I got aquainted with my future wife Irina in such a way. She is from Kharkov region.

During a year of our communication we used to speak about us and each other a lot. But the more we talked the more I wanted to do something special. I am romantic person, I used to surprise my lady, to make her presents and gifts. I've never been to Ukraine before and didn't realize how to deliver any gift to my lady. That is so great that delivery service was offered here, on website! You won't believe it! I shouldn't have been uptight about this. Everything was done by this wonderful staff. As for me — I waited only. However I should pay for that, but my beloved is worth for. In course of time I deserved her confidence. And she deserved mine. Besides, support cetre helped us a lot while we were communicating. Any difficulties with translation or letters delivery, etc. Moreover, frankly speaking I enjoyed additional services they offer. When we took a decision to move to my appartment — UaDreams Staff helped us and supported a lot. Well, I forgot to tell you about the application form of ladies they filled perfectly. I mean fullinfo for each girl on From the very beginning they describe everything: eye colour and even religion. They do not hide any suspisious facts. Sometimes you may even be afraind by life stance of ladies what they used to indicate beforehand (that makes goose-skin!!!). By the way, there is no need to hang about the whole website and search for any help - its easy to find how to send a letter. So, guys you won't believe but I found my love thank s to with no scam. My review dedicated to this agency! Well, yes, I spent some money (and that is important so far) but love is worth for. It doesn't matter how much money — I've found it at least! My precious love!

Monday, December 10, 2012

My review about dating agency website agency for people from all over the world, who are looking for Ukranian wife. Here is no scam!

The Instinct when people create their family and continue their race, perhaps, has every person. Someone calls it a stereotype and lives a free life in defiance to society, but majority of people are looking for their real love, pushing everything to the back Plan. Some people give up and refuse to love and to be loved, and others year by year are searching for love and trying to treat their broken heart.

The same happened to me, that is why I’d like to leave my review. A very long time, I could not find my love. Business became my priority, and I didn’t have any time for personal life. My business partner told me about dating agency called uadreams, where he met Natasha, a wonderful girl, whose fullinfo once he found at the dating agency website. Since I have followed my friend’s advice and look through several fullinfos of the girls (made a review), there was no reason to regret of smth. Now I'm married and happy man. We were communicating for two weeks over the internet, and soon, I realized that there was something between us, something called “connection”. I could not work, sleep, eat; I was always thinking about my Irina. I made a decision; I knew that I had to meet this girl, but how? I did not know the country, in which Irina was waiting for me, I was scared to meet scams, but I had no time to arrange our meeting. Even then luck was on my side. Ua-Dreams agency (real agency, no scam as some people perhaps think so) offered me an interpreter, temporary housing, and even helped me with the flight. Our meetings were held in the most amazing places, pre-planned by the agency. Everything was at the highest level! Because of work, I had to return home. I realized that I left my heart in Ukraine with Irina. I asked whether it was possible for Irina to visit my home place. Professional and friendly disposition of the agency amazed me much. A few days later, my sweetheart came to my country and we were engaged soon. We both are grateful dating agency I advise it to everyone!

Dating service - this is an excellent alternative to many dating sites for the following reasons:
• Easy to use;
• A huge increase of users - hundreds of new profiles every day;
• Friendly staff;
• No scams
The advantages of the website are:
• Agency Ua-dreams is real;
• Girls in the database are real too, no scams;
• Professional service;
•agency provides tours to Ukraine;
• Agency is responsible in organization and support the trip;
• Agency provides the interpreter;
• And there are a huge number of couples, who were married with the help of the agency, and who left their reviews.
There is no reason to be afraid of scams, everything is legal. There are a lot of clients’ reviews, which will persuade you in it. To your attention is provided a list of girls, and you will have a nice opportunity to choose that one, whom you will like most of all. Previously you can get the fullinfo of every girl. 

P.S. My business partner John has also found his fortune. He is preparing for the wedding with Natasha.
Reviewed by Wolfhang Meinz

Monday, November 26, 2012

Dating site leads to wedding (e.g. )

Review about dating sites. My thoughts. Speaking about dating sites (e.g. usually people do not take it as a starting point to begin with relationships, moreover if they go seriously.

But if you think that you can strike up any swift-passing relations - oh believe me.. that's a myth. It was born due to the development of virtual network and, of course, dating websites spreading. And it is still alive because those who flirts overtop those who just wants to make it seriously. It is not a specific feature of dating sites, I mean, that is a real life, human behaviour, social set, etc. Internet is one of those items, just one of it, but no more, no less. Of course, nowadays, we can meet people who cannot live without flirting, new dates, picking up. They hung up at night clubs and other places of entertainment, famous for its well-known ways of easy acquainting. They lead such dates to ubnormal quantity, they are developing their identity as well as shoving off by a phone-book with 3 thousand of contacts.

They think, dating websites are the same ground for entertainment. This group of people is considered to be more that active, therefore, it may seems like they are popular majority. And online dating is only a kind of negging and gentle dalliance but no more.
Good news — that is not true. There are no scam dating websites with online services for serious relationships as Those are the websites for people that appreciate the quality instead of quantity. Not so good news — it is not so easy to find your beloved there anyway.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Thanks UaDreams, a real agency with no scams. My review about...

Hello.I said, that I will tell you, what is interesting will happen to me.But I think, that I must tell you about one thing, that already happened to me. Read this review ))
I wanted to found a girlfriend, and when I was googling, I found an interesting agency - UaDreams, that offered Video chat with ukrainian ladies. It's no scam. I've found one - her name was Irina. We're communicated online for a year, and our realtonship grown to real love. Then, I proposed her to marry me, and she accepted. Though it was long and exhausting process, Irina and I were finally able to return to the USA and begin our new lives together. We married on New Years Eve just in time to celebrate the New Year as Husband and Wife, completing a magical, wonderful year of true Love. We only now wait for the process to change Irina’s residency to the USA, but we will celebrate with a wonderful Spring Honeymoon in the Caribbean.

Thanks again to UADREAMS for whom without we would have never met! Irina and I both thank you for bringing together all those searching for their soul mates. Before last year, I had almost lost hope of finding my soul mate. Now we both couldn’t be happier!

For all you skeptical men our there: You will never find happiness unless you take some risks, Trust me. And just know- no scams on uadreams. Take a chance on love. You will not be disappointed. The women of Ukraine are the most beautiful in the world. They have the personalities, moral and family values to match this beauty. Truly beautiful inside and out! It is still amazing that our age difference (Irina is 21 and I am 36) isn’t even a second thought for Ukrainian women!

Thanks Olia for all your help, who over the years I was a member, worked hard to help me find true love!