Thursday, September 5, 2013

Ukrainian Dream of my friend

A couple of days ago I received an e-mail from a friend of mine. He wrote that a Ukrainian women Maria joined their company, so now they work together. She speaks English pefectly, she also knows French, and she is very beautiful... But she has a husband. He liked her a lot, but he has no chances. :(

She can cook tasty dishes, they had a BBQ with colleagues on weekend, and she brought some cakes, she named them with a funny word... «pirashki» or something like that.... and there was a filling of strawberries in them. Maria said that they have no strawberry in August or September in Ukraine.

And now, when he meets her every day at work, he understood what kind of woman it is, he wants to look for a ukrainian girl, but he is really afraid of being scammed.

He wrote that he also tried to find a girl on some dating site, how I did, but it seemed to be scam. Some girl wrote to him in a very unclear English that her mom is very ill and she needs money for treatment.. something like that. He asked me, what was the site where I found my wife from Ukraine? I told him about UaDreams full info and ladies...and gave him an advice to make uadreams review and a comparison.

Some people try to say that Uadreams scam. But now my friend also looks for a girlfriend there and does't want to give up, he wants to have a wife who will not think only about her career, but also about him... as his colleague from Ukraine thinks about her husband the whole time. And my friend is envious to her husband, guys!!!!

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