Monday, November 26, 2012

Dating site leads to wedding (e.g. )

Review about dating sites. My thoughts. Speaking about dating sites (e.g. usually people do not take it as a starting point to begin with relationships, moreover if they go seriously.

But if you think that you can strike up any swift-passing relations - oh believe me.. that's a myth. It was born due to the development of virtual network and, of course, dating websites spreading. And it is still alive because those who flirts overtop those who just wants to make it seriously. It is not a specific feature of dating sites, I mean, that is a real life, human behaviour, social set, etc. Internet is one of those items, just one of it, but no more, no less. Of course, nowadays, we can meet people who cannot live without flirting, new dates, picking up. They hung up at night clubs and other places of entertainment, famous for its well-known ways of easy acquainting. They lead such dates to ubnormal quantity, they are developing their identity as well as shoving off by a phone-book with 3 thousand of contacts.

They think, dating websites are the same ground for entertainment. This group of people is considered to be more that active, therefore, it may seems like they are popular majority. And online dating is only a kind of negging and gentle dalliance but no more.
Good news — that is not true. There are no scam dating websites with online services for serious relationships as Those are the websites for people that appreciate the quality instead of quantity. Not so good news — it is not so easy to find your beloved there anyway.
Any stable relations— no matter where exactly they started - on the friend party or on the website — they need a time. Only this cryteria gives the real estimate of level of relations. Like in case of off-line date not everyone can bear this. On-line dating is a some kind of a start point. Dating website give a possibility to estimate all the main points that needed for future partner, as well as to know life values. If both are ready to start to create a family comfort, they had a lot of experience and, by all means, have good chances to meet their beloved. Internet gives an opportunity to know a person virtually, to analyse their long-distance friendship, to make decisions. And if someone understands exactly what he or she wants, it will be easier to keep searching. And, finally, to be responsible for the choice. But I don't say that no more romantic feelings or something, but wordliness. To be galant, to play about the woman greately, give a happiness during a date — that is a question of bringing-up and cultural experience, not concerning any flirt or making a family. When ready to get married, that means you come to maturity, but that is not about the lack of romance or lack of any elevation of thoughts. For example, that person intended to stable and reliable relations, without any nit-pickings. As a rule: more to give than to take.
To keep the level of such relations is not so easy — it depends on both sides, their maturity,
compability, mutual understanding, temporizing, even house-keeping at least. To overcome the crisis point together, that is not easy for everyone. Percentage rating: the main part is among registered on dating websites. Common life hardly seems «love, peace and harmony», but that is not so important. The main thing on Earth — to have an opportunity to meet your common happyness and bring it up carefully and gently.

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