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Types of Russian dating scams and non-scammers

Honestly I didn’t want to raise this issue, but the fact is that everyone who has ever tried to date with Russian woman encountered Russian dating scams. They are everywhere! Russian dating world can cause paranoia in some people, however if you really want to date with Russian woman you should develop some features and here I mean not only skepticism or cynicism.
If you search your significant other among Russian women you will definitely face Russian dating scams. Still you are likely to avoid this nuisance just you need wisely combine your carefulness with our recommendations.
It is a bit difficult task to classify all scammers in the Russian dating world so here we’ve tried to gather the most common types of scams you can encounter on the web.
It is worth mentioning that practically every dating agency or site will demonstrate you their 
persuasive antiscam tendency. To prove this they will refer to a certain antiscam network or introduce themselves as a part of some sort of antiscam programme.
The given information can be justified or just appear to be fiction - the case is that there is no reason to show such a strict policy against dating scams. Such agencies don’t need to describe these scammers, because you can learn all information on your own here.
Sometimes scam agencies act cunningly and make their own antiscam website or network. At the same time they surely don’t represent themselves as the owners of such antiscam organization.
But now let us consider the general types of the scams.

Email as the most common scams’ trick.
In case if you are the member of a dating site where you can directly deal with the users and you left your e-mail address for communicating with women you have found on the site you will undoubtedly receive e-mails from scammers. In this instance you run a risk to correspond with so-called nonexistent woman. Usually these “girls” (the male scams on the other side of the screen) will send you stunning pictures which actually were stolen from the other real women. They often use such pictures for the online-profile and when a man likes a “girl” and starts the conversation with her both online or with e-mails she will definitely ask him for financial assistance, because something “urgent” has happened.
This is the most common type of Russian dating scams and here it’s not difficult to get the length of scammer’s foot.

Scams and marriage agencies.
If you want to find Russian woman and in this purpose you decided to use so-called marriage agency, as a result you can meet here anything but not real pretty girl. You are likely to face scams agency.
These “marriage agencies” can have different form and can use various schemes but the main goal here again is to eat your money. As a rule such agencies provide you with letter service where you can communicate with Russian women (“clients” of agency) and at the first blush everything seems to be decent. But the fact is that very often the agency uses these women and writes you letters on their behalf. Thus you correspond with the scammers not with the real girl.
Such agencies usually get big profits, because people believe that they are real and legitimate. However due to complete anonymity and far distance these scams’ organizations often go unpunished and as the result they continue cheating money out of men who will never actually meet the woman they correspond.

How to avoid the scammers.
You need to learn so much about numerous tricks of Russian dating scams. So the question is how to avoid them? First of all you should know types of scams and how their fraud scheme works, but it is not enough. You may also take into account our simple recommendation to be sure that you will not be cheated by scams. For example, you should use time-proved websites and shop there only if you can check your money.
You must control your finances, because all scammers’ actions are aimed to make money. So if you always check where you spent your money you will never be cheated.

Above I have already described some tricks of scams such as e-mails or marriage agencies. However sometimes men use the term “Scam” in free form particularly when he doesn’t get all he wants from a woman. For example, after a long correspondence with Russian woman a man decided to spend with her vacation somewhere in Europe or on the island. She gladly supports his idea, but she is not ready to start intimate relationships. In this case this man can feel like he was scammed.
Another example, a man gives to woman a lot of presents. She takes all these gifts but at the same time doesn’t satisfy his sexual needs. In this situation the man wants all gifts back and labels the woman a scammer.
Or sometimes a man corresponds with woman for a long time and after he invites her to come to the U.S., even pays her fiancée visa and marries her. And after the woman obtains her citizenship she decides to divorce. But all this time he considered her as his private sex slave and threated her brutally. In this case the man even must feel happy that she wants just to divorce. If he treated so an American woman then he could be already dead or could stay without his thingy.
So you shouldn’t think that if a woman doesn’t do what you expected from her she is a scammer. Term “Scam” means intentional fraud actions aimed to get your money.
There is one more type of scam which is in fact not real scam: "Green Card Scam" (or marriage scam). It is believed that many women from these agencies just want to get to the U.S. and do not really want to marry or find a partner. But it is only a myth. I don’t deny existing of Russian dating scams in this area but the cases of deception are few and far.
"Gold Digger" is another type of non-scammers. A lot of Russian women believe that all American men are very rich and can provide them with everything what they want. It is better to avoid such girls and here I mean not only Russian women – you can find “Gold diggers” in every country. Undoubtedly “Gold diggers” pursue unworthy goal but actually they can’t be labeled as Russian dating scams.
To understand why Russian women think in this way you must look at the political and cultural differences between Russia and USA. For example not many Russian women have their own car and must pay property or income tax. They have very different life style there and they don’t need to pay so much money as we pay here. Just imagine that 600-700$ a month can be very good salary for them. So when Russian woman learns that you earn 70000$ a year she thinks that you are incredibly rich and you can buy her gifts and go in vacation with her every month. And if you don’t act like this she is likely to think that you are real meanie. After all if you get 70000$ a year can’t you spend just 1000$ for flight?

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